How to Manage Rooted Devices Using Intune Mobile Application Management Policies


In this Blog I am going to show you how we identify the Rooted devices which your users are using in your environment. This is basically covering under Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management feature. Basically, here we protect LOB Apps using MAM Policies but WITHOUT Enrolling it with Intune. So how we do this ?

It is very straight Forward.

Step1- Create an Application Policy based on my Previous Blog Article which mentioned HERE.

Step2- On the Policy Configuration Tab, Configure the below option in case if you need to identify the Rooted devices. In this scenario, I am going to use the Android Device which I have rooted using Cynogen Mode :).

Note- In case if you Don’t want Users to Access using the Rooted devices, You can simply Block them even without letting them to open any of the LOB Documents.


Step 3- Once you configured Policies based on the above way, you will get a Notification on the Dash Board Under the Flagged Users area as shown in below screen.


Step 4- Further, when you click the Flagged User Tab, you can find the User and the Device Details as follows.


Step 5- In case if you Block the Rooted Device for users you will get a notification like this in your device.


Hope the above step gives you some idea how to manage Rooted Devices.



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