Protect line-of-business apps and data on devices that are not enrolled in Microsoft Intune

Note- Before you add the Line-Of-Business Apps to the MAM Portal, make sure to WRAP it using Android App Wrapper Tool.

Step-1 Go to and search for Intune Mobile Application Management


Step2- Go to App Policy and Create a New Policy using Add a Policy Option


Step 3- Type a Name to the Policy and Select the Mobile Platform Version. So in my case I have selected the platform as Android.


Step 4- After that finished just add the Application which you want to Manage. By default, there are few applications available and in case if you have inhouse developed application, you can add it as well. In this case I am going to add a custom application.


Step 5- Click More Apps and Type the Package ID which basically goes as This you can get from the developer. Package ID is the identifier for your LOB app. Once you add the wrapped app in to the More Apps, you will be able to see it listing down in your Application list.


Screen clipping taken: 07/06/2017 14:54


Screen clipping taken: 07/06/2017 14:42

Step 6- Once that is completed, Next you have to configure the policies for your Application. Basically in here you can configure all the policies you want to bind with your app. Click Create option once you completed these configurations.


Step-7- Once the policy creation is done, you must assigned the users to the same policy. The user who is signed in to this app will get all the policies you have define in this policy settings.


Step 8- Click Assignments to Add user Groups. In my case I have a separated user group for Android users only. Click Select Option to add the user groups.


Step 9- Once the above completion is done you must install the LOB app in to your device and try to access it and see how the behaviour is and further the policies you have define is working or not.

In addition to that on the main page you will get all the notification for these and even if user is using a Rooted device, you will get the notification under Flagged Users View.



One thought on “Protect line-of-business apps and data on devices that are not enrolled in Microsoft Intune

  1. Hi, good article. In it you show how to add an additional app you wish to managed via MAM-WE – Step 5 “+ More apps”. That I understand, however I have never been able to find a way to remove an addition made under “+ More apps” once created, say when you no longer wish to have the app within Intune MAM. Yes, you can de-select it from an App Policy target, but it seem not remove it altogehter.

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