How to Add a Friendly Name to Configuration Manager Application Catalog Web Portal

In case if you need to hide your server name in Configuration Manager App Catalog or if the default name is too long to remember, you can simply follow the below steps to Add a friendly name to it.

Step- First you must Create a CNAME based on follow screen. You can use any Alias name you prefer for this.


Step 2- Once the CNAME creation completed, make sure to Restart the DNS service.


Step 3- Once the DNS Restart competed, Open the IIS Server in Configuration Manager server and Go to Binding under Default Web Site.


Step 4- Add a New Binding under the Host Name and Type the Same FQDN (Friendly Name) which you mentioned in your CNAME Record.


Step 5-Once the Binding settings done, Restart the IIS service and Open the Configuration Manager Server Console. Remove the existing Application Catalog Website and Change the Web Application Name the way you want and also Change the Netbios Name which going to use for the App Catalog URL.


Step 6- After that, Go to Configuration Manager Agent Settings and Under Computer Agent / Set Website/ Select the NetBios Name and Save the Client Settings. Once that is completed, manually push the Computer Policies to the device collections.


Step 7- After a while verify the URL works with new name.



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