How to Push Apple Volume Purchase Portal App to Apple iPADs in Silent method

In the native method, it is not possible to push Apple Volume Purchase Portal apps using Microsoft Intune in to iPAD Devices.  The only option is the “Supervision Mode” which allows a Mobile Device solution to control extra functions on an iOS device. This feature is mainly required / intended to institutional type organizations owned devices.

There are two methods which you can Supervise”  an iPAD. The best way is using the “Apple’s Device Enrolment Program” (DEP). Any device which you have enrol in to “Jamf” via DEP are supervised over the  air.  For this you have to make sure that your organization can be added to the DEP program or not.


There might be devices which are not eligible to add for the Device Enrolment Program. So what could be the solution for this ? Well, if you have such devices, then you can go through the second way to “Supervise” those devices. For this, you have to use “Apple Configurator 2 which is a Free tool available in the MAC App Store. But you need to have a MAC book in order to install the Apple Configurator Tool to supervise the required devices.

So below are the steps to Prepare to Supervise your iPAD using Apple Configurator Tool.


01- First get the Apple Configurator tool in to your MAC book.

02- Open the Apple Configurator Tool



03- Once you connected your iPAD device with the USB connecting cable with your MAC Book, you will be able to see the screen like below. Click on the iPAD screen you are seeing.





04- After you Click on the iPAD icon, it will show you your iPAD information as you are seeing on the below screen. Then Click the “Prepare” tab to start the

      iPAD for supervise.




05- On the Prepare iOS devices menu, Select “Manual” method under the Configuration option and Click Next.



06- On the Enroll in MDM Server menu, on the Server Menu option, Select Do not enroll in MDM and Click Next to continue the setup.




07- On the below Screen, you can Check the Option to “Supervise” your iOS device. Click Next to Continue the setup process.




08- On the Create an Organization menu, fill in the Company information you want and Click Next to Continue.




09-  If this is the first time you are doing Supervision Identities for iOS Devices, Select “Generate a New Supervision Identity” or if you already did this then

        Select “ Choose an Existing Supervision Identity. In this example I am going to use the New option instead of Existing.  Then Click Next.




10- On the below menu you can Skip or cover all the steps for Setup Assistant. Once you finalize the setup Assistant configuration, Click Prepare.




11- Once you Click Prepare, it will ask to put your MAC user login before proceed. Once you entered the required credentials Click Update Settings.



12- Since my iPAD is already prepared one, i had to select the Erase option.




13- Once the Preparing done, Go ahead and Enroll the Device with Microsoft Company Portal and do a manual Sync to get the Apps quickly. After the

Supervision mode, the device will forcefully receive the apps without user intervention.




14- Hope the above steps help you in to certain level to get some idea. Smile