Hyper-V Cluster Validation fails for the Disk Failover test on a Windows Server 2012 R2 failover cluster


Recently I was doing a implementation of 3 Node Hyper-V cluster in my customer site. The Hyper-V roles are running on HP G8 servers and the LUNs has presented to all the 3 Hyper-V servers from a EMC storage via Fibre connectivity. I have fully patched the latest windows updates and all the network configurations and Converge switch creation has completed successfully.  Once the Hyper-V role and Cluster features installed, i just did a cluster validation for all the 3 Nodes. However, except Storage validation all other tests passed. Once I dig in to the validation report, it was saying  “Node HQ-HYPERV01.xxx.com holds the SCSI PR on Test Disk 2 and brought the disk online, but failed in its attempt to write file data to partition table entry 1. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable”.




I have re-checked the presented LUNs on all 3 Nodes and verified nothing wrong there too. Finally what I found is that,  issue occurs because the Automount feature is turned off in one Hyper-V Node.  When this is turned ON, Windows automatically mounts the file system for a new basic or dynamic volume when it is added to the system, and then assigns a drive letter to the volume.  However, the Automount feature is enabled by Default.


To Verify whether this option is turned off, use the below commands;


  1. Open an command prompt with Admin Privilages, and then run the following command:


  2. At the Diskpart prompt, run the following command:


Once you run the above commands you can see whether the Automount feature is enable or disable.


However, in my case I have verified that in one of my Hyper-V Node this feature is disabled. To overcome this issue I have ran the below command,


Mountvol.exe /E




Once this I ran the given command and did the Cluster Validation, it has passed all the areas including the storage as follows.




I used the below site as reference.


Even though here it mentioned as server 2012 cluster, i face the same issue with 2012 R2 cluster too.