SCSM 2012 R2 User Role Permission changes not applying to Analysts SCSM Consoles after UR7 installation

Recently I did a SCSM deployment at customer site as a phase 1. On the phase 1, we deployed the incident management process. The system was designed using the SCM sizing tool and entire solution finalized with a 7 number of server architecture. In this solution we have enabled Self-Service Portal with customize incident forms as well. However, the email templates and all the required we have done and everything was perfectly working.

The servers were patched with latest windows update and Update Rollup 7 as well. Before we publish the incident management to our users, we have done some test scenarios using the ticket creation and Analysts resolve the incidents using the SCSM console which we have pushed to their Desktops/Laptops using SCCM server. After a while we did some changes to the User Roles and add few additional Vies inside it. However, suddenly we realized that the changes which we made to the existing User Roles are not reflecting to the Analysts SCSM Console. We struggle a lot to identify the issue trying the below options.


First Try we have given is as follows;

clearcache parameter from analyst’s machine but no luck How we cleared the cache as follows; Use the command prompt with Admin Privileges.

“D:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Service Manager\Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.UI.Console.exe” /cache

You can refer to the Microsoft Article indicates HERE.


Second Try what we did is to clean the Registry on the Analysts machine. But keep in mind that this is something which will put you in to deep trouble when playing with Registry. However, the try we have given for Registry value also did not work

KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\System Center\2010\Service Manager\Console

You can get more information with regards to Registry Value Clean. Click HERE



Tried to clear the Health service from Management Server using the below steps, but did not work at all.

1. Stops the System Center Management service.

2. Deletes the health service store files.

3. Resets the state of the agent, including all rules, monitors, outgoing data, and cached management packs.

4. Starts the System Center Management service.

Finally, what we suspect was might be a UR 7 bug. However, after release the SCSM UR7, no one complained about saying there is such a bug. So we thought just to give a try with a test bed without UR 7. So we quickly built the test bed using Hyper-v and tested the User Role scenarios without UR 7. What a surprise. The behaviour of user role was normal and all the changes we made to existing user roles are reflecting back to analyst’s consoles. Then we applied the UR 7 back to the test bed and noticed that we started to face the same issue we were facing in our live environment.

There is no way where we can revert back the UR7. So below is the simple solution we found to manage the current situation until Microsoft Release the Hotfix for this bug.

Go to the Analysts PCs and locate the user’s profiles which user use to login to their PCs.

1. C:\Users\<useraccount>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\System Center Service Manager 2010) and delete the files inside this folder. Or you can delete the System Center Service Manager 2010 folder itself. Once it done reopen the SCSM console using the same user and check the new permissions added to the existing user roles can be seeing in the Analysts PCs.

Below screen show the sample files which you need to delete


Hope this will help you to get out of this issue until Microsoft come up with a Hotfix.

Thank You