Cireson Extended Support for SCCM -Remote Manage App Tool

Your hardest time is over now. Thanks to God Father of SMS/SCCM  who joined Cireson recently did a great job for Configuration Manager admins. In my word i would say the features which came with this Remote Manage App is Awesome. The other main thing which I wanted to highlight is that the tool is Free for the community.

For further details please click here. it will direct you to the wally’s post.


If you want to try it out, don’t wait, do it now. 🙂

You can download the tool from this page:


Cireson Remote Manage App


MobileIron integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Management


Now the Mobileiron came up with a add on to Configuration Manager to manage the Mobile device using single console. So IT admins can now take certain actions on mobile devices directly from the SCCM console such as locking, unlocking, wiping, and retiring a device as well as enabling a forced check-in as needed. This makes the IT admin’s job easier and helps them stay efficient and agile.


For further details please click HERE


Probably by my next post I will release the configuration of the SCCM + Mobileiron