How to Add the Company Logo to SCCM Reports

Most of the admins prefer to have their company logo in to SCCM reports. So this is about a way which you can do this.

1- Go to Primary Site Server and open the following Folder location

C:\Program Files\SMS_SRSRP\Style


2- Now to add the Image we have to change the Report_Header_Right.png file with our company logo. Before replace it, please make sure to keep a backup of the Report_Header_Right.png original file.

3- Then Replace the Report_Header_Right.png file with your company logo and use the exact same name for the .png file.

4- After that you have to do small Registry setting. For that you have to edit the registry under



5-Then Right Click the SRSInitializeState and select Modify option and put the value 0 instead of 1.



6- After little while you just try to open the report and verify the Company Logo is visible in reports.


One thought on “How to Add the Company Logo to SCCM Reports

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