How to Add Apple iPad in to Windows Intune

Hi Guys,

Follwoing article shows you the each and every step of enrolling the iOS devices in to Windows Intune. Just try and have a look.

1- Create a Intune account and logging to the Windows Intune Admin Console.  Got to windowsintune website and Sign Up.

2- Once you logged in select the Mobile Device Management option and Set the Mobile Device Management Authority.

Note- Once you set the mobile device management authority you cant change it later for any reason.


3- Once you done it next step is to get the push notification certificate for Apple device. In this case I am going to manage my iPad.

4- The first requirement for managing iOS devices is you need to have an Apple ID for your company. Basically if you are a Apple user definitely you will have a Apple ID to access the Apple itunes store.

5- Then under the Mobile Device Management select the iOS option and click the Download the APNs Certificate request as follows and download the .CSR file under any name you want.


6- After you download the .CSR file go to apple site and upload the downloaded .csr file to the apple website. Click the following highlighted link to access the required Apple Push Certification Portal.


7- Once you click the above link you will redirected to the Apple Push Certificates Portal as follows. Then logging to the portal using your Apple user account as follows.


8- Click the Create Certificate tab.


9- Accept the license Agreement as follows.


10- In next step click the browse tab and select the downloaded .CSR file and click Upload tab as follows.


11- After You upload the .CSR file it will generate the Apple Push Certificate for you. Then once the certificate is visible to you just download the Apple Certificate.


12- Select the certificate call MDM_Microsoft Corporation_Certificate.PEM which you have downloaded from apple site and upload it to Windows intune as follows.


13- When you are uploading the APNs just Browse and select the .pem certificate and put your Apple ID as credentials.


14- Now you have done the required settings to enroll the ipad from intune portal and apple portal. Next steps need to be carry on from the iPad device.

15- On the Next step you have to give the following details to the iPad user after you create the user accounts in Windows Intune portal to login to the Company Portal and Enroll their iPADs to the Windows Intune.

i- Windows Intune User Name

ii- Windows Intune Password

iii- Into form the users to logging to and use the given details to logging.

16- After the user logged in to the portal for he first time they will see the following screen. Then Click install tab to Enroll your iPad device in to Intune Portal and it will installed the necessary profiled for you. All these things from step 14 – to End you have to do using your iPad.


17- Then on the iPad device go to General > Select Profile> and then it will show you and highlight you to install the Management Profile sent by your Company portal. Click Install.


18- Once you Click the Install tab it will generate a Key to Trust the Device with the portal as follows.


19- Once it generated it will show you a message saying that when you install the profile the intune Admin can manage the device remotely and so on. Click install button.


20- Once the profile installation is completed you will see the following screen as follows.


21- Once that is completed you will see an icon as follows. Then click that icon and use your intue user name credentials and download the published company applications using you company portal.


22- The following screen shows the Company portal which I have created for my test Lab.


Hope you got some idea how you need to enroll your iOS devices in to Windows intune. Please a put your thoughts and comments on this article. Thanks readers.